10/2022 – Duke awards tenure to faculty in a wide range of fields

08/2022 – Our SmartScope paper is now published on eLife

07/2022 – Congratulations to Wendy Huang for getting her work on “Accurate Detection of Proteins in Cryo-Electron Tomograms from Sparse Labels” accepted at ECCV 2022

07/2022 – Our lab is proud to be part of the newly created Duke Center for HIV Structural Biology funded by NIAID to find new targets for HIV therapies

06/2022 – Congratulations to Jonathan Bouvette for winning the 2022 M&M Postdoctoral Scholar award for the “SmartScope: framework for unsupervised cryo-EM imaging” paper

05/2022 – Congratulations to Ye Zhou for his contributions in determining structures of K63-ubquitinated ribosomes in collaboration with Gustavo Silva now published in Cell Reports

05/2022 – Ye Zhou’s work on automatically determining the number of conformations in cryo-EM is available online

05/2022 – Wendy Huang’s preprint describing SmartScope is available on bioRxiv

05/2022 – Congratulations to Ye Zhou for his contribution in determining the structures of NPR1 now published in Nature

03/2022 – I will be teaching at the Duke Machine Learning Summer School this summer

11/2021 – Congratulations to Wendy Huang for winning a WACV 2022 Doctoral Consortium Award

10/2021 Congratulations to Wendy Huang for winning an outstanding teaching award from the Computer Science department

09/2021 – Our paper on joint image learning was accepted at WACV 2022

08/2021Our lab receives support from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS/NIH) to develop technology for high-resolution cryo-electron tomography

07/2021 – Congratulations to Hsuan-Fu Liu for being selected as a Poster Award winner at the M&M 2021 meeting

06/2021Duke Today: CZI invests in Duke team’s work to improve cryo-EM images

06/2021Our lab receives support from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) to push the frontiers of visual proteomics

05/2021 – Congratulations to Xiaochen Du for being accepted in the PhD program in computational science and engineering at MIT

04/2021 – Congratulations to Xiaochen Du for being awarded the 2021 Alex Vasilos award for excellence in computer science research

03/2021BISECT code for beam-image shift accelerated data acquisition of tomographic tilt-series is released

03/2021 – Duke team makes cryo-EM microscope even better than before

03/2021 – Duke & UNC: rivals on the court, teammates in science

12/2020 – Congratulations to Xiaochen Du for being named Faculty Scholar for 2020

11/2020 – Researchers peer inside deadly pathogen’s burglary kit

10/2020Cryo-ZSSR code for multiple-image super-resolution based on deep learning is released

09/2020 – Researchers use cryo-EM to discover new regulation of protein production on cells under oxidative stress

10/2019 Our lab featured in DukeBroadband newsletter research highlight

05/2019A giant tool to see the tiniest things featured in Duke research

10/2018Meet Duke’s newest faculty members